Month: August 2013

Why Public Sector Finance Matters to Bill Mulrow

Most investment professionals are familiar with Bill Mulrow as a Senior Managing Director for the Blackstone Group. He also serves as the Chairman of the State of New York Mortgage Agency, the New York State Housing Finance Agency and the Affordable

Housing Corporation, putting his expertise to work to help New Yorkers achieve their home¬≠ownership dreams. Mulrow’s commitment to public sector finance is no surprise to those who know him. He began his career with a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University and a position with the New York State Division of the Budget. His commitment to public service continues today and sets him apart from many of his peers in the investment banking and financial services world.


Balancing Work and Downtime

During the course of an average week, Bill Mulrow might be found in his offices at the Blackstone Group, overseeing the activities at the New York State Housing Finance Agency or chairing a board meeting for the Sterling Suffolk Racecourse. When he’s not hard at work attending to one of his numerous professional commitments, he enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with his family. A Yale University alumnus, he takes pride in the sports victories of his alma mater and is a diehard Knicks, Giants and New York Yankees fan.

30 Years of Excellence

William Mulrow has spent the better part of his 30-year career working in various financial firms and serving on the boards of a vast array of corporate and governmental agencies. Before becoming a Senior Managing Director at Blackstone, a position he has held since 2011,  he fulfilled executive positions for Paladin Capital Group and Citigroup. Prior to that, he acted as a Managing Director of corporate finance for Rothschild Inc. and as the head of new product development for Gabelli Asset Management. Currently, Mulrow resides as the Chairman of two agencies within the New York State Homes and Community Renewal.

A Leader in Alternative Asset Management

As a Senior Managing Director at the Blackstone Group, Bill Mulrow puts his experience and talents to work for this world leader in alternative asset management and investment.

His duties range from working with public sector agencies and labor as well as raising capital for the firm’s private investment portfolios. He has more than 30 years of experience working in public and private sector positions and has developed an in-depth understanding of the various factors at play in both arenas.

William Mulrow Leads New York State’s Housing Agencies

In March 2012, William Mulrow was unanimously voted in by the New York State Senate to become the Chairman of the State of New York Mortgage Agency and the New York State Housing Finance Agency (HFA). Appointed by Governor Cuomo, Mulrow was chosen for his vast experience working in the public and private sectors and his keen ability to invest state dollars wisely. Both agencies are included within the New York State Homes and Community Renewal. He takes great pride in serving the people of New York, and working toward providing safe, affordable housing for its citizens.